Monday, October 26, 2009

The Mock Heroic - Dignified Exits

"A young but deadly serious band taking cues from the classic 90's emo bands but adding a vicious, experimental, technical edge that keeps things edgy but heartfelt."
A pressing of about 500 CDs was made of this. I think this band does not exist anymore, but I'm not sure. Furthermore I don't know any other releases of them.

01. Own Eyes
02. Despair Epidemic
03. Led Astray
04. Draize Test
05. The Architect
06. Fairweather
07. On The Study Of The Living Dead
08. Unclouded
09. Mandelbrot As Cartographer
10. An Open Wound
11. Lost Cause

Artist: The Mock Heroic
Title: Dignified Exits
Format: CD
Label: SuperFI Records
Year: 2007
Genre: Screamo
Country: United Kingdom
Length: 23:09 min
Bitrate: 233 kbps VBR


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