Sunday, September 20, 2009

Single state of man & Men as trees - Split

Their brandnew split, released for their common summer-tour through Europe last August. Wonderful post-rock (by Single state of man from Schweinfurt, Germany) meats diversified screamo (by Men as trees from Auburn Hills, USA). You can find a German review on our new project Locked Groove (...meanwhile I really dig the Single State Of Man song!).

Ssom @ Myspace | Men as trees @ Myspace

01. Single state of man - Health & History
02. Men as trees - Wreckage

Artists: Single state of man / Men as trees
Title: -
Format: Vinyl (7")
Labels: StillLeben, i.corrupt, Emuzah, lala, Synalgie Records
Year: 2009
Genre: Post-Rock, Screamo
Country: Germany / USA
Length: 9:14 min
Bitrate: 245 kbps VBR


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fuckuismyname - Stay gold, falconass!

Fuckuismyname was a German dance-/postpunk four-piece hailing from Trier, Germany, compareable to other German bands like Patterns or The Falcon Five. They were disbanded in 2009, having released a 7", this 12" and a split 7" with Patterns.

Homepage | Myspace

01. Kunstreiten mit Picasso
02. Hit von Torello
03. Ziellos / Stillos
04. Never change a winning horse
05. We have had it, habit
06. I hate all the people in the disco
07. Betrug im Kasino
08. Dead like you
09. Monkeys in love
10. Trans radio
11. Freddie's trumpet

Artist: fuckuismyname
Title: Stay gold, falconass!
Format: CD / Vinyl (12'')
Label: Wakusei Records (CD) / X-Mist Records, Meudiademorte Records (LP)
Year: 2006
Genre: Punkrock, Post-Punk
Country: Germany
Length: 24:14 min
Bitrate: 192 kbps


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alle hingehen:

Samstag, 10. Oktober @ JFH Farge, Bremen:

The Town Of Machine
(Screamo / Ex- Jet Black)

Spaceman Spiff

Manku Kapak
(Post-HC, Mid 90s)


+ eine weitere Band
+ Vegane VoKü

AK: 3 Euro!

(Auf Flyer klicken zum Vergrößern)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Locked Groove

Some words in German:

An dieser Stelle nur mal etwas Eigenwerbung...zwei Kollegen (Johannes und eriik) und meine Wenigkeit haben letztens ein neues Projekt gestartet, nämlich den Blog "Locked Groove". Dort verfassen wir semiprofressionelles Zeug über Platten, Konzerte und was die Emo-Punk-HC-DIY Szene so hergibt ;-). Bei Interesse könnt ihr das Ding ja in eure Favoriten hauen, ich hoffe doch dass das länger bestehen bleibt.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Rabbit Theory - Save / Cancel

Gentle screamo/postcore/indie mix with lots of instrumental parts, by this Swiss fourpiece. Very lovely. File under: Mr. Willis of Ohio, Petethepiratesquid, Shellac. Pressing of 200 LPs & 200 CDs.

Homepage | Myspace

01. What monster?
02. Spanish inquisition
03. It's
04. My hovercraft is full of eels
05. Welcome to lake chicamocomico
06. Pew! pew! laserguns!
07. The bridge between the two peaks of mt.kilimanjaro
08. Have you confused your cat recently?
09. The man with three noses
10. Expedition to lake pahoe

Artist: The Rabbit Theory
Title: Save / Cancel
Format: CD / Vinyl (12'')
Label: Quiet Records
Year: 2008
Genre: Screamo, Emo, Postcore, Indie
Country: Switzerland
Length: 31:49 min
Bitrate: 219 kbps VBR


Radio Burroughs - The principles of hope or hybris

Radio Burroughs is a five-piece outfit from Berlin & Leipzig. Their style is pretty hard to every case you can hear their screamo - and postcore background, but this rather tends to a kind of mix between nice, simple played pop and post-punk/core. They have already released a split 7'' with the great Petethepiratesquid and this is their first full-lenght. Give them a try! 512 copies were pressed.

Homepage | Myspace

01. We Press Buttons
02. Knit A Hole
03. Let's Fill These Boxes
04. Guess We Made It
05. Polish To The Glasses
06. Eight Pages
07. Hands Up
08. Just Like We Break Down

Artist: Radio Burroughs
Title: The principles of hope or hybris
Format: Vinyl (12'') including download-code
Labels: Altin Village, Asymmetrie, Monocore Recordings
Year: 2009
Genre: Post-Punk, Emo, Indie
Country: Germany
Length: 29:59 min
Bitrate: 215 kbps VBR


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

VA - Ageha Compilation

7'' compilation which contains traditional emo-punk music from Germany and a little fanzine called Makini...released on "Tomte Tumme Tott", the label of The Now-Denial 's shouter Sören .
Hard to find! Thx to the unknown person for the upload and to Mario for the cover!

01. Yage - Welt
02. 125, Rue Montmartre - Kinder des Olymp
03. Buoyancy - Atmen heißt Hoffen
04. Die Kosmogesellschaft - Wohnstube heute
05. Peace of mind - 2. Lied

Artist: V.A.
Title: Ageha Compilation
Format: Vinyl (7'') + Fanzine
Label: Tomte Tumme Tott
Year: 2000
Genre: Emo
Country: Germany
Lenght: 12:54 min
Bitrate: 128 kbps


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Brandon Peck - Demo

Brandon Peck is actually is actually guitarist of Mouthbreather, but beside this band he's also making very nice music on his own. Quite simply just his voice and his guitar (in most cases) - and I can tell you, he has a really nice voice! Have a listen to his music, it's very beautiful singer/songwriter - stuff. I saw him (and Mouthbreather also) live on stage two days ago and I immediately bought his cd at the merch stand.

Brandon Peck on Myspace

01. Blankets
02. Night sounds
03. Want to stay
04. Seasons
05. Not a man
06. Lights out
07. Second best
08. On the way home

Artist: Brandon Peck
Title: Selftitled / Demo
Format: CD-R
Label: -
Year: 2006 (?)
Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter
Country: USA
Length: 28:09 min
Bitrate: 146 kbps VBR


Mouthbreather - Thank you for your patience

"Mouthbreather's first full length record, captured by Chris Owens (LORDS), is a slice of punk played with a chip on its shoulder. Raw and stripped down, the songs are unrelenting attacks similar to members' past groups WOW, OWLS! and THE SETUP but still maintaining a new musical identity, keeping Richmond's punk and hardcore roots in mind. By no means is this album the safe and comforting punk that you would find in a local suburban mall, but it is a loose extension of the angst of bands like Black Flag with songs that give a sarcastic, and at times jaded, look at the scene and life." (No Idea Records)

Mouthbreather on Myspace

01. The night that Richmond died
02. Daily bread
03. Dropping cylinders
04. I don't work in restaurants for the food
05. When a chemist dies, barium
06. The nazarene
07. Best of seven
08. The girth of a nation
09. From the year six million
10. Revolution bummer
11. The music, the merchandise

Artist: Mouthbreather
Title: Thank you for your patience
Format: CD / Vinyl (12'')
Label: Kiss of death Records
Year: 2008
Genre: Post-Hardcore, Punk
Country: USA
Length: 36:25 min
Bitrate: 190 kbps VBR


Thursday, September 3, 2009


Rauchverbot is a two-piece electro-post-punk project from Bremen, Germany. They have released two albums so far which you can download for free at their myspace page. Go have a try!

Rauchverbot on Myspace