Friday, November 6, 2009

June Paik - Selftitled

Yes, I already uploaded this one, but the quality wasn't so great. Now I ripped my own copy of the 10'' and this here sounds quite perfect I think.
Some words about the record: June Paik is a German screamo band and they already released a 7'', 12''/cd and a split12'' with Titan, all untitled. On this record, the sound is more somber and the singer is even harder to understand than on the records before...with all that epic instrumental parts and the despaired vocals, the music here lets me sometimes really think of a mix between post-rock and depressive black-metal, hehe. However, this band is really likeable.

Artist: June Paik
Title: June Paik
Format: Vinyl (10'', gatefold cover)
Label: React with protest
Year: 2008
Genre: Screamo, Post-Rock
Country: Germany
Length: 23:19 min
Bitrate: 192 kbps

01. I
02. IV
03. III
04. II

download (re-uploaded because of crc-error)

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