Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kapytaen - Selftitled Tape

Hey punx, here is something I have to tell you! I (Phil) play in a new band called "kapytaen". I would say, that we sound like simple dark hardcore-punk that sometimes even got elemtens of blackmetal. Yeah. Lyrics are in English and German and very hateful. We just finished a kind of demotape. Recorded d.i.y. this winter in our rehearsal room. We made 50 pieces. February 16th is our first show in Würzburg / Germany.
Go download it for free at Bandcamp and spread it, if you like! Thanks.

Artist: Kapytaen
Title: Kapytaen
Format: Tape
Label: d.i.y.
Year: 2013
Genre: Dark Hardcore
Country: Germany
Playtime: 14:49 min

01. Enkonduko
02. Sagart t suas
03. Para nada
04. Sobredosis Gris
05. Povera
06. Interlude
07. Bonos Annos
08. Renuntiatio
09. Melu
10. Haista Vittu

Download for free at Bandcamp

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Everyhing's fucked up

My account on Mediafire has been banned. So almost everthying on this blog is down now.
Fuck. I'm sorry. Maybe I start something new someday...