Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Loma Prieta - Japan Discography

I guess most of you already heard of Loma Prieta. They are a screamo band from USA / San Francisco that is pretty much tending to rough hardcore & emo violence so they leave no time to breath for you.
This cd was released for their tour in Japan in 2009 and contains the songs from their split 7" with L'antietam, the 'Last City' 12"/cd, the 'Matrimony' 7", the 'Our lp is your ep' one-sided 12''/cd and their demo cd-r. In other words - everything except the 'Dark Mountain' 12'' & the new 'Life / Less' 12''.
At the moment they're touring through Europe and will also play on the CMAR Fest, so maybe you will get to see them, check their Myspace for the dates.

Artist: Loma Prieta
Title: Discography
Format: CD
Label: Cosmic Note
Year: 2009
Genre: Screamo
Country: USA
Length: 47:20 min
Bitrate:198 kbps VBR

Split 7'' with L'antietam:
01. Tentatively titled 666 (split with L'antietam)
02. 6666
Last City CD/LP:
03. warm path
04. careful subliminal
05. trilogy 1
06. trilogy 2
07. trilogy 3
08. bridges
09. armor
10. script
11. david fung
12. last city
Matrimony 7"
13. we're wedded wrong all along
14. wilmer valderrama
15. the needle in the haystack (unreleased version)
Our LP is your EP CD/12'' (+ bonus):
16. with a moment of silence all was lost
17. welcome to sprint break 1989
18. the needle in the haystack
19. it all went down like an episode of law and order
20. scream triathlong
21. running over a community service worker
22. i have a fear of young asain boys
Demo CD-R:
23. scream triathlon
24. welcome to sprint break 1989
25. i have a fear of young asain boys


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