Thursday, June 17, 2010

Grube und Pendel & November 13th - Split

Yeah as you know, November 13th is one of my favorite hardcore/crust bands from Germany - desperate lyrics meet aggressive hardcore music, that's what I like. This strike here is an older split with the rather unknown band Grube und Pendel, who play a kind of epic post-hardcore mixed with elements of bands like EA80 or Fliehende Stürme. I don't know if this band has ever released some other stuff apart from this song.

Artists: Grube und Pendel / November 13th
Title: Untitled
Format: Vinyl (7")
Label: Oi! Free Youth
Year: 2006
Genre: Depro-Punk, Post-HC / HC-Punk, Neocrust
Country: Germany
Length: 11:36 min
Bitrate: 200 kbps VBR

01. Grube & Pendel - Schlächter im Paradies
02. November 13th - Kaputt
03. November 13th - Life's so good


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