Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Optimus Prime & Totoro - Split

Yeah, finally some new shit by the genious screamopunks Optimus Prime from Moscow, together with the Russian (indie-)emo group Totoro, which I didn't know before. Well I think the Optimus Prime songs from the old split /w Gone With The Pain were better.

Artits: Optimus Prime / Totoro
Title: Untitled
Format: CD
Label: Trvs Records; Hidden rainbow Records; Chucky the rat Records; Cloud drift Recordings
Year: 2009
Genre: Screamo / Emo
Country: Russia
Length: 23:31 min
Bitrate: 256 kbps

Optimus Prime:
01. Мы Закрываем Глаза - Они Закрывают Клетки
02. Невозможно Молчать
03. Аксиома
04. Фальшивка
05. Идеальный Мир
06. Птица
07. Призрак
08. Под Ногами

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  1. totoro's bass player/singer also played in Marschak!