Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Duesenjaeger - Schimmern

The second 12'' by Duesenjaeger, one of the best German singing punkbands. Deep lyrics about daily life and all the other shitty things. Some people here call it "Deutsch LK Punk", haha. By the way, Duesenjaeger recently rereleased all their records again! If you ever wanted to call a Duesenjaeger record your own, you can now take your chance.

Artist: Duesenjaeger
Title: Schimmern
Format: CD / Vinyl (12'')
Label: GoKart, Grabeland Schallfolien (Rerelease)
Year: 2006
Genre: Punk
Country: Germany
Playtime: 39:47 min
Bitrate: 192 kbps

01. Nerdist Breakdown
02. Per Anhalter
03. Schneegestöber
04. Las palmas ok
05. Everyday is like Monday
06. Weißweißweiß
07. Verkauf
08. Persil und ich
09. Zug kommt
10. Auch nicht anders
11. Hörgeräte
12. Leute mit Senf
13. Im Spiegel mittags


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