Sunday, July 15, 2012

Afterlife Kids - Geisterhand

Afterlife Kids is an amazing new band from Berlin with members of Henry Fonda, Call me Betty and Eyedestroyed. They really need more attention. This contains 7 songs of kick-ass 90's style mosh-emo-hardcore with German lyrics, the 8th song "Abgrund" consists of creepy noise/drone.
Awesome artwork, by the way. Go grab a physical copy (unfortunately no vinyl) if you like this.

Artist: Afterlife Kids
Title: Geisterhand
Format: CDr / Tape
Label: Skull Witch (band's own label); Mircosleep; Mustard Mustache
Genre: Metallic Hardcore-Punk, Bremen-Style
Year: 2012
Country: Germany
Playtime: 9:26 + 20:15 min
Bitrate: 320 kbps

01. Geisterhand
02. Weil es sicherer ist
03. Vergessen, vergangen
04. Von einem Traum
05. Die Mühlen der Zeit
06. Sorgenkind
07. Fahrtwind
08. Abgrund

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