Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just a breath of air

just wanted to tell you that i'm not dead. Neither is my blog - maybe. I'm not interested in screamo that much anymore. It actually becomes boring for me that you never understand a word of the singer (well there are definitely some bands I still love, especially some German ones). But, besides a lot of other styles of music (good hiphop, electro, post-rock, experimental stuff etc), I still love listening to punk and stuff like that. Therefore I think it would be a good thing, according to my blog, to not only concentrate on screamo-ish music but also on other styles, e.g, I guess a lot of you enjoy post-rock and ambient music like I do it.
But I only want to upload music that I really like, so sorry for some stuff sent to me which I didn't upload. By the way, for some time past I got a new email-adress, I forgot to change it here...So if you wanna insult me, show me stuff or just want to tell me something, write to:

Try to feel, try to enjoy your lifes.

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