Monday, August 30, 2010

Battle of Wolf 359 - Future's end (Discography CD)

Battle of Wolf 359 is one of today's hottest screamo bands. This is a cd-r they sold during their US-2010-tour with June Paik. It contains their songs from the split 7inches with Singaia and Kaddish, the Death of Affect LP, the split 10'' with Resurrectionists and the two new songs from the split 7" with June Paik, which was just released on React with Protest and Adaigo830 Records!

Artist: Battle of Wolf 359
Title: Future's end
Format: CD-R
Label: d.i.y.
Year: 2010
Genre: Screamo
Country: UK
Playtime: 53:19 min
Bitrate: 164 kbps VBR

01. Apostasy
02. It's not higher service (You're just dead)
03. Neptune's Navy
04. In search of Gaia
05. Martyr O.D.
06. Cyberdine
07. Surveiller
08. Beneath the paving stones
09. End Times
10. The God Particle
11. Anfal
12. Glenfield
13. Rimba
14. Born into fire
15. Union
16. We can't go on like this...
17. Eclipse Chasing


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