Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mio / Duct Hearts - Split

Another split-7" from Germany. Now it's time for the post-punk/screamo duo Mio from Leipzig and the solo post-rock/atmospheric emo project Duct Hearts from Munich. So there are more labels than band members involved in this release, hehe. Anyhow, if you dig music that is played by hearts full of love and deep thoughts you should check this out. Especially the Duct Hearts song is sooo beautiful! And keep your eyes open for the new split-12'' of Mio and Captain, your ship is sinking.
This upload is from a record-rip I did by myself and something went not so well during the rip. So the quality is not the best, but it's much better than nothing. And if you like it you should buy it anyway, it is worth it. At least I added a txt file with the lyrics and further information.
ps: Thx to Tao for your rip with a better sound quality!

Artists: Mio / Duct Hearts
Title: -
Format: Vinyl (7'')
Labels: Time as a color, Russian folkstories, lala schallplatten, Broken glasses, Canot pneumatique
Year: 2009
Genre: Post-Punk, Screamo / Post-Rock
Country: Germany
Length: 11:36 min
Bitrate: 256 kbps

01. Mio - Möglichkeit
02. Duct Hearts - Schlafen


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