Monday, May 31, 2010

Francis Brady - Selftitled

Oh I realized that I didn't upload the Francis Brady 7" yet. So here is one of the few releases of this short-lived screamo beast with 9 members better known as Francis Brady.
By the way, I heard Francis Brady keyboarder Stefan (I never realized that they use a keyboard) later founded the solo project "Anal Fatal" and released some electro / lo-fi stuff, at least a cd-r called "Single pattern playground".

Artist: Francis Brady
Title: Francis Brady
Format: Vinyl (7")
Label: Wild Zero
Year: 2003
Genre: Screamo
Country: Germany
Length: 9:54 min
Bitrate: 210 kbps VBR

01. Is this the end?
02. Too slow to stop decay
03. Schalter: Emotion Leerlauf


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