Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reka - Live @ Shchyokino + more


Reka is a post-metal band from Moscow that was formed in 2007 by the members of the screamo bands Optimus Prime and Fortunae Verbera. In May 2010, they gonna play a tour through Eastern Europe with Celeste and will also release their first album then. For me they sound very powerful, I think I can hear influences of black-metal, screamo and sludge.
In the internet I found recordings of a Reka concert at the club "Мир" in a russian town called Щёкино (= Shchyokino) from November 15th '08 and the soundquality is quite ok, so I offer them for download here.

Artist: Reka
Title: Live @ Щёкино (bootleg)
Format: /
Label: /
Year: 2008
Genre: Post-Metal w/ screamo and black-metal influences
Country: Russia
Length: 33:21 min
Bitrate: 128 kbps

01. Трагедия, Длинною в Жизнь  (=  The tragedy of long live)
02. О Дивный, Новый Мир  (= Oh brave new world)
03. Эгоцентризм  (= Egocentrism)
04. Город  (= City)
05. Нити  (= Threads)


Furthermore, I got two studio songs of Reka for you ("Первые Студийные Треки"), namely "О Дивный Новый Мир" and "Трагедия, Длинною в Жизнь". Click here to download them.
And the video-clip above can be downloaded here in high quality.

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  1. hah)) that show was organized by me!
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