Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Love.Life Compilation

Yeah, welcome back.
This is the Love.Life Compilation CD-R, released by our wonderful guy Andi from Builtonfriendship Records. There are 100 lovely handmade copies (a 2nd press is planned for 2010), handnumbered, with handmade booklets. Packed in handmade innersleeves which are packed again in a5 mail envelopes fixed with are pin and handstamped. So as you see, totally fucking DIY. The compilation is available for 4 € and contains 15 bands from all over the world playing something between punk/hc/emo and post-rock - what else :).

Artists: Various Artists
Title: Love.Life Compilation
Format: CD-R
Label: Builtonfriendship Records
Year: 2009
Genre: Punk/HC/Emo/Screamo/PostRock
Length: 41:47 min
Bitrate: 211 kbps (VBR)

01. Intro
02. The Rabbit Theory - Welcome to Lake Chicamocomico
03. Catena Collapse - Untitled
04. Fargo - Der Letzte macht das Licht aus
05. Resurrectionists - Kehrseite der Medailie
06. Zann - (I don't need) Conversation (cause I don't have much to say)
07. The Sea Swallowed Us Whole - I wanna be inside you bro!
08. Duct Hearts - Schlafen! (Instrumental preview version)
09. Whishes On A Plane - Blanket I (Demo)
10. Eucalypt - Instrumental
11. Morning Wood - We need water to live
12. Ding Dong Dead - Was du tust
13. Wrakk - Kreislauf.Kollaps
14. The Monaco Heartattack - Words are weapon
15. Bail - Route Nationale
16. Eno - Outro


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