Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Violent Breakfast - Nient'altro che tempo

Violent Breakfast (nice name...) was a five-piece screamo outfit from Pisa, Italy. They were founded in early 2003 and split up in May 2008. They left us a Demo CD-R (2004), a split-7'' with Laghetto (2005), a 4 way split CD (2005), one track on the Emo Apocalypse comp. LP, this album here and a split-10'' with Pyramids (2008).

Violent Breakfast at Myspace

01. Una scatola piena di inverno
02. Sahara
03. ........
04. Qocce Di Infanzia
05. Il ritmo delle mutazioni
06. Il ritmo delle mutalazioni
07. Scale
08. Aqua et sole

Artist: Violent Breakfast
Title: Nient'altro che tempo
Format: CD / Vinyl (12'')
Year: 2007
Genre: Screamo
Country: Italy
Length: 25:31 min
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 57.3 mb



  1. r.i.p.! gute band gewesen.
    hier ist noch was:
    discography 2003-2006 (uk-tour cd) (demo, la ghetto split, 4-way split, emo apocalypse, 2 unreleased) www.mediafire.com/?j3yy5cz5i2l

    und ihre letzten 2 unveröffentlichten songs gibts auf myspace