Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alpinist & Intoblckmirror - Tour Split

2x German crust + dark hardcore by Alpinist from Münster and Intoblckmirror (meanwhile, after a line-up change, they added the seemingly missing 'a' in their name) from Schweinfurt.
Watch out for the recently released Alpinist LP "Minus.Mensch" and the upcoming LP by Intoblackmirror! I saw both bands live, they kick asses!

Alpinist @ Myspace | Intoblackmirror @ Myspace

01. Alpinist - Kreise ziehen
02. Alpinist - Eiche rustikal
03. Intoblckmirror - Blinded
04. Intoblckmirror - Outro

Artists: Alpinist / Intoblckmirror
Title: Euro Tour 08
Format: CD-R
Label: -
Year: 2008
Genre: (Neo-)Crust, Hardcore-Punk
Country: Germany
Length: 15:49 min
Bitrate: 229 kbps VBR
Size: 25.1 mb


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