Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kapytaen - Selftitled Tape

Hey punx, here is something I have to tell you! I (Phil) play in a new band called "kapytaen". I would say, that we sound like simple dark hardcore-punk that sometimes even got elemtens of blackmetal. Yeah. Lyrics are in English and German and very hateful. We just finished a kind of demotape. Recorded d.i.y. this winter in our rehearsal room. We made 50 pieces. February 16th is our first show in Würzburg / Germany.
Go download it for free at Bandcamp and spread it, if you like! Thanks.

Artist: Kapytaen
Title: Kapytaen
Format: Tape
Label: d.i.y.
Year: 2013
Genre: Dark Hardcore
Country: Germany
Playtime: 14:49 min

01. Enkonduko
02. Sagart t suas
03. Para nada
04. Sobredosis Gris
05. Povera
06. Interlude
07. Bonos Annos
08. Renuntiatio
09. Melu
10. Haista Vittu

Download for free at Bandcamp

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