Friday, November 16, 2012

No Weather Talks - More Passion, Less Paycheck

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Only some months after their demotape, here is the next output by great No Weather Talks in the form of a 7" EP. The style is the same as on the demo - sweet-as-candy-d.i.y.-(pop)-punk. Perfect. You can purchase this nice piece of vinyl and also some other merch directly at their bandcamp site.

Aritst: No Weather Talks
Title: More passion, less paycheck
Format: Vinyl (7")
Label: Gunner Records
Year: 2012
Genre: (Pop-) Punk
Country: Germany
Length: 12:31 min
Bitrate: 320 kbps

01. Privilege of procrastination
02. Days of war, nights of not enough
03. You've got the looks, I'm off the books
04. Stock market of self


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