Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kids Explode - Discography

Kids Explode were four crazy guys from Germany playing great post-punk music you sometimes could dance to. The band was born in late 2004 and disbanded in April 2010. They toured with bands like Shokei, Ende of a Year and Solemn League.
This discography is not a real release, I just put all their songs in a good sound quality (320 kbps) together and uploaded them for you. 11 songs in almost 30 minutes.

Split (CD/12'') with Shokei on Narshardaa Records and Altin Village & Mine (2006)
01. Holy Grail
02. Two hour flight
03. For all the lovers
04. I am Paris Hilton
Split (7'') with Dialogues on Rome Plow Records (2006)
05. A romance in alcohol
Split (7'') with End Of A Year on Narshardaa Records (2007)
06. Yards and miles
07. A crash, literally
Split (12'') with Shokei, The Falcon Five and Petethepiratesquid on Altin Village & Mine (2008)
08. I'd rather dance to a Pynchon novel
09. Ask me
10. This one's for your parents
Split (7'') with Solemn League on Asymmetrie Records (2008)
11. Hotel rooms


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