Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Faced Moment - The Timbre. The unsetting Film.

Started as a 3-piece screamo band in 2003, Faced Moment played many shows in Germany, Belgium, France and Luxembourg. In 2004 their released a selftitled album, one year after their demo cd „Leidenschafft“ was recorded and which might still be their most popular work.
After 2 years of playing and furher 2 years of standstill, Faced Moment exchanged their bass player and started with new enthusiasm to create their first full lenght titled „the timbre, the unsettling film.“, which sounds way harder, more mature and less melancholic. It has been recorded in 2009 and a few songs already found their way on Myspace and LastFM. (info taken from last.fm)

Artist: Faced Moment
Title: The Timbre. The unsetting Film.
Format: CD-R
Label: d.i.y.
Year: 2009
Genre: (New School) Hardcore, Screamo
Country: Germany
Playtime: 42:25 min
Bitrate: 209 kbps VBR

01. Fourth
02. Accelerate your mind (Adante con moto)
03. En vogue, Men of prey
04. Your own exposure
05. Intercultural progress as a hubris
06. Sixth
07. Accelerate your body (Allegro con amore)
08. The incomprehensive, dear pretentious
09. About hidden cameras and exterior perceptions
10. Kinski calls Kafka to join Stockhausen
11. RE 4 (Grave, molto maestoso)


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