Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hey guys.
I'm thinking about working on at this blog, but since most of the emo/screamo thing is really boring me at the time (not every band!), I'll probably change the focus on Ambient (including IDM, Neo-Classic etc.) music cause this is just wonderful and I think there is no way to dislike this kind of music. But I'm not sure whether to open a new blog or just to go on with this one, I think I chose the 2nd option.We'll see.


  1. Ambient, IDM? That'll be great.

  2. Ambient music! Silent, mostly electronic and instrumental music and also post-rock and stuff. You will like it :)

    And I made the decision to start a new blog with the ambient stuff because there are still interesting emo/hc releases that are worth to be uploaded here for you. For example the new Manku Kapak demo cd, a friend of mine is a member of them.

  3. Nice =) Some post metal band? =) post hardcore?