Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mouthbreather - Thank you for your patience

"Mouthbreather's first full length record, captured by Chris Owens (LORDS), is a slice of punk played with a chip on its shoulder. Raw and stripped down, the songs are unrelenting attacks similar to members' past groups WOW, OWLS! and THE SETUP but still maintaining a new musical identity, keeping Richmond's punk and hardcore roots in mind. By no means is this album the safe and comforting punk that you would find in a local suburban mall, but it is a loose extension of the angst of bands like Black Flag with songs that give a sarcastic, and at times jaded, look at the scene and life." (No Idea Records)

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01. The night that Richmond died
02. Daily bread
03. Dropping cylinders
04. I don't work in restaurants for the food
05. When a chemist dies, barium
06. The nazarene
07. Best of seven
08. The girth of a nation
09. From the year six million
10. Revolution bummer
11. The music, the merchandise

Artist: Mouthbreather
Title: Thank you for your patience
Format: CD / Vinyl (12'')
Label: Kiss of death Records
Year: 2008
Genre: Post-Hardcore, Punk
Country: USA
Length: 36:25 min
Bitrate: 190 kbps VBR


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